364705-bigthumbnail“This is amazing!! We LOVE Power Strips”

“Just received our Power Strips 2 days ago and already both my husband & I have noticed amazing improvements. Firstly, my husband suffers from a severe case of kidney stones. They are very large and cause him great agony at times.

“Treatment is pending by the end of this month but in the meantime he has to take more pain meds than he ever anticipated, he is up at night because he can’t get comfortable & experiences massive swelling all around his abdomen.

“Since using the Power Strips which I placed right on that right kidney the first time, he did not take any pain med at all and there was no swelling. The second strip was placed on the spine between both kidneys. He has been pain free for these 2 days, no swelling and he feels much better, sleeping sounder and of course not being awakened with pain. This is amazing and we love the strips!!!”


Amphlette Island, Papua New Guinea“The Pain I’ve Suffered With for 30 Years is Gone”

“I have had a lower back problem for over 30 years and the last few years while getting out of bed I’ve stooped. After a shower I could straighten up, but getting dressed always hurt.

“I put on my Power Strip and within 2 minutes I felt a relaxing of the area. I then went on my daily bicycle ride 20km and NO – pain just power. I put one on the next day, and with just 2 power strips the pain I’ve suffered for 30 years has GONE, WOW WOW. THANKS”


Crown-of-Thorns Starfish“When I found out about Power Strips I couldn’t lift my right arm up above 90 degrees.”

“I just would like to share about these Miracle Strips! I have a problem with my shoulder after my car accident. The flexibility of my shoulder got worse and worse. At the point when I found out about Power Strips I couldn’t lift my right arm up above 90 degrees, and then the sharp pain didn’t let me do anything else.

“So I decided to give them a try. After the first patch I didn’t notice improvement. But today, I put my second Strip on the shoulder area and OMG!!! I’m lifting up my right arm like my healthy left arm!!! POWER STRIPS WORK!!! And I definitely will use them and tell everybody about this amazing product”


Fairy Basslets over Reef“Woke up feeling energized”

“Even though I didn’t have any actual pain at the time I first started using Power Strips. I did however sleep like a baby and woke up feeling energized upon opening my eyes in the morning!!!


Sea Rod - Extending Polyps“My back has been getting SO much better since using the Power Strips”

“My back has been getting SO much better since using the strips that I’m going to do something I’ve been scared to do for YEARS.

“I used to be a competitive skater; my life was spent in the rink. I haven’t been able to enjoy that passion for a very long time. I had my gentle skate on the ice last month. But now, at the end of this month, I’m trying out for ROLLER DERBY!!! I’m actually not scared of falling and not being able to get back up. SO EXCITED!!!”


Coral_reef_1680x1050-qud1pj“After using the Strips for a few days he was virtually pain free”

“You just can’t imagine how impressed my husband and I are over these Power Strips!! He has suffered terribly from massive amounts of kidney stone for many yrs. and we just recently found the problem, got that taken care but he still had many, many stones still in his kidneys and bladder.

“Well, after using the Strips for a few days (10) he was virtually pain free, able to sit for longer periods of time, sleeping better and had more energy. Then we ran out! 🙁 But to our amazement the energy of the strips kept on working for 4 days!!! WOW. We are so happy to have more now and tell everyone about these incredible little Strips of Health!!!



NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care provider prior to making any dietary, nutritional, or exercise lifestyle changes. Individual results may vary.
FG XPRESS PowerStrips™ are not intended to treat or cure, but to give your body vital nutrients to support your body’s natural healing ability.

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