What Is Phytoplankton?

From Greek words: “phyto” meaning “plant”, and “Planktos” meaning “suspended”

Marine Phytoplankton makes life possible on our planet. It is the base of the food chain and it is responsible for the production, through photosynthesis, of 90% of the Earth’s oxygen. It cleanses and maintains the atmosphere upon which all animals and plant life depend.

BeroeIn other ways Maine Phytoplankton sustains and propagates life on planet Earth. Marine Phytoplankton existed long before humans inhabited the Earth and continues to be the foundation for the entire food chain. Having said that, it makes sense that its nutritional analysis is impressive. Many experts consider Marine Phytoplankton to be “the perfect super-food”. Marine phytoplankton’s nutrition is so complete it can sustain life and facilitate regeneration while providing energy to every cell in our body.

Blue whales travel hundreds of miles without rest, consuming up to 1.5 million calories per day in order to meet their enormous energetic requirements. They can achieve this by consuming Marine Phytoplankton. Why? Because it has perfect nutritional balance!

Bio Available for Human

Given the nutritional value available in these Marine Phytoplankton, it could be considered an optimal food for the human body as well. One challenge to this, however, was the silica that encompasses these single-celled organisms. Human cannot digest this silica wrap because we lack the necessary enzyme, silicase.

tn_g018Recently on an island off the west coast of Canada the marine engineer, Tom Harper, discovered a patent-pending process. This process, for the very first time, made Marine Phytoplankton’s nutrition available for absorption by the human body. This all-natural process breaks open the silica wrap that surrounds each individual phytoplankton, releasing and making available its abundant nutrition.

Unfortunately, not all products that claim to contain “Marine Phytoplankton” actually have it. People often confuse regular algae with this microscopic super food, Marine Phytoplankton. There are also some products with Marine Phytoplankton that still contains the silica wrap and are not usable by the human body.




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