Ionic Silver

SilverFlaskAristocrats of the middle ages used to carry water flasks inlaid with silver. It was not just because they could afford such extravagance, nor was it merely for show. No – even then, they knew that silver had some sort of medicinal effect on the body.

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Dr. Adam Saucedo, in a lengthy interview in 2013, pointed out that many of today’s anti-biotics are becoming less effective against viruses and microbes. He then went on to say:

“Now what I mean by that is that the bacteria and virus that the anti-microbials are designed to fight become resistant to the medication. They are less effective and so what happens is, they are less effective against the infection. The infection takes a greater hold and we have trouble fighting it because resistance goes up.

“The really interesting thing here is that silver, even though it has been around for hundreds of years; there is no evidence that is the case with silver. There has been no resistance shown. There has been no evidence that these infective species are beating or selecting against silver. So silver is as strong as it ever was as an anti-microbial and I think it will become more important in that area – in that function – as time goes on.”

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